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Creating your web video

   Taking your brief
When taking the brief we will ask you what you require in your web video: who your target audience is, what you want them to do as a result of viewing the web video and why they should do it. Think about those three questions, who, what and why, because the more focused your answers are in your brief the better job we can do of writing the script. 


   Script writing

We will write the script based on your brief. Obviously the script is an important part of the production process and you will get the opportunity to approve or amend the script prior to production. If you wish to write your own script we can advise you.

   Video shoot

We will come to your premises for upto a full day for the video shoot. We will shoot HD footage of your product/service, yourself and any client testimonials. If you request a web video based on your existing library of marketing photographs there is no need for us to visit your premises for a video shoot. 

   Voiceover recording

We recommend recording a voiceover in your web video because we can describe the features and benefits of your product or service while at the same time showing those features and benefits; one reinforces the other thereby making you, your product or your service more memorable. We can record the voiceover with our in-house voice artist or engage another professional voice. We can record with any voiceover in the world who has access to professional ISDN equipment and regularly record with voiceover artists from across the UK and the United States.



The editing of your web video is done at our premises using professional editing software, typically Adobe's Creative Suite. Editing is more than just cutting the various elements together; good editing can make mediocre source material appear much better which poor editing can ruin great source material. In short, editing is a vital skill.

You will be provided with a preview version of the finished web video for approval and if you require any changes you should indicate them at this stage.


The web video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and a link provided to you or your web designer so that it can be embedded in your website. If you prefer we can upload the web video to your own YouTube channel, if you do not have one we can create a YouTube channel for you.

If you intend to host the video on your own server we can provide you with a digital file in a choice of formats. The source footage and final render will be at HD resolution but we can supply you with a lower resolution and lower data rate version if you decide you require a smaller file size.  

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